Name: Lugh, "Freddie"

 Celestial body: Mercury

Age: 4.503 billion years

Likes: riddles, charms of all kinds.

Dislikes: Loud sounds, unpleasant textures.

Guardian beast: Larunda, the bat.

Character song: Princes of the universe - Queen

Sola's strategist and counselor, Lugh takes his role very seriously and stops at nothing to make sure he knows all the latest events regarding the system. Quite perspicacious, he has a tendency to tell others things they haven't realized yet or may not even know about themselves. Blinded by the high energy cost of maintaining his physical body's eyesight due to his proximity to the Sun, he finds it to be more of a blessing than a curse, as it allows him to judge people and situations despite how they may visibly appear. As a result, his wisdom and input are highly respected throughout the solar system. He has requested to be nicknamed "Freddie" on several occasions, saying it was a tribute to "a human he was particularly fond of."

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