Name: Malen

 Celestial body: Saturn

Age: 4.50 billion years

Likes: Black coffee, Sowing/gardening, spending time with her Moons.

Dislikes: puerile behaviours, ambiguousness.

Guardian beast: Vila, the serpent.

Character song:  Octobre - Francis Cabrel

The second most powerful planetary deity , Malen makes it her top priority to maintain order and stability in the solar system. While she understands and accepts that Sola has the last word when it comes to important decisions regarding the system, it doesn't stop them from butting heads often on matters that they have divergent opinions on. While Sola has a hot-headed temperament, Malen is on the opposite side of the spectrum, keeping her cool in all circumstances and valuing that good decisions must be made on a clear mind. She is well known as a " no-nonsense", serious deity. 

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