Name: Nana

 Celestial body: Earth

Age: 4.543 billion years

Likes: Her creationsdancing, pottery

Dislikes: Unknown

Guardian beast: No appointed singular guardian, a whole system of smaller deities/spirits takes care of Earth.

Character song:  Un Senso di te- Elisa

A true rarity among planetary deities, Nana used most of her celestial body's energy to implant lifeforms she created on Earth. This turned it into a spiritual energy system capable of increasing her own energy to gargantuan levels. Over the course of millions of years, she has perfected her craft to the point where she created vessels that the space deities could use to interact with the physical realm, inspired by the very humans she created. A very respected deity in the system, she has gathered the admiration of most deities, even Sola. However, it backfired in time when her very creations began putting her whole celestial body at risk. Calm, caring, and very empathetic, more pragmatic deities fail to understand some of her decisions concerning her lack of actions towards her lifeforms.

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