Name: Romulus

 Role: Weather deity

Age: 2.5 billion years

Likes: Human languages, eating

Dislikes: Sola, rogue spirits.

Character song:  Thunderstruck- AC\DC

Created by Nana quite some time ago, Romulus is in charge of regulating Earth's complex weather system. Despite holding considerable powers, he dislikes using them frivolously and saves it for emergencies, even going as far as to modify his appearance at times so as to appear as a shrunken version of himself. According to him, doing so makes it easier on Nana and saves her energy. Romulus isn't particularly fond of Sola and dislikes her more rebellious nature and stubborn side. He does not understand at all Nana’s decision to assign him as her guardian after her powers were sealed. Despite that, he takes his role seriously and doesn't argue against Nana's authority. Having taken a liking to human languages, he is especially fond of their ways with swearing and often uses human insults, labelling it as "cathartic".

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