Name: Sola

 Celestial body: The Sun.

Age: 4.6 Billions years old.

Likes: Limonade, hot baths, odd food combinations.

Dislikes: Humans, confined spaces, Cold weather.

Guardian beast: Eki, the Phoenix.

Character song: Everything burns - Anastacia Feat. Ben Moody

Ruler of the Solar system and fervent defender of what she deems her domain, Sola was considered a just and efficient leader since the very beginning by the other deities. While at first enthusiastic and proud of Nana’s status as a planet holding complex lifeforms, she quickly expressed resentment and hate toward humans when she started to notice the obvious change in Nana's condition and overall well being. Her anger and desire to take drastic action forced the rest of the Solar System to seal her powers away and send her to Earth in order to avoid her celestial body undergoing the red-giant phase - a process made quicker by the unstable reactions of its related deity. With her powers sealed and trapped on Earth, Sola will have to see what the Earth's deity wants her to see and earn back her powers.

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